Be Imitators

Be Imitators

Be imitators of ALL things good…

Be the sound of the morning bird
who spreads its beak
spewing out melodious song
simply because it can…

Be the mighty oak tree
stretching its branches to receive
the warmth of the sun—
which carries the wind
and is drenched by rain…
which holds the snow appearing
frozen and yet
so ‘rooted’ beyond our ‘seeing.’

Be the endless ocean
carried out from shore to shore
which ebbs its way and
flows eternal…
its rhythm changes with the
Earth’s gravitational pull
and twirls itself in the in-coming
tide ONLY to rush back out
carrying millions
of tiny speckles of sand.

Be the dry parched desert
cracked and broken
awaiting that one single drop
to REVEAL just how
ALIVE it is.

Be the doe grazing in the valley.
Be the mountain lion hidden in the
crags of the rocks.
Be the ant climbing effortlessly
from its hill.
Be the hawk soaring alongside
the river bed.

Be the innocent child taking the hand
of the One guiding its way.

Be imitators of Love
who see beyond
all faults and failings
and cannot stop forgiving.

Be the tear
that washes away all wrong.

Be the smile
that brings to life
the gift of laughter.

Be imitators
of ALL things GOOD

it is a WIDE open door—
“GOODNESS, that is.”

Hoping you’ll step in…
No worries brushing off your shoes.



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