…become the wave

…become the Wave

I dive.

Leaping no longer an option.

A force pulls me into the open sea.

I am not adrift.

Almost immediately, I am fashioned
into the swirling drops within which I am
now gathered.

A natural flow
—a rhythm undefined
—a sacred dance formed
     is now playing itself out.

In a solitary sweeping motion,
I am part of a wave…no, I have
become the wave.

Effortlessly, the substance of each
enmeshed drop follows a pattern
—one not designed, yet one
    seemingly written on unspoken pages.

Rising to a crest
—an unexplainable high
delving into a curl
—a hallow tunnel absent of any drop,
     yet held by each ‘strand’ of water.

The curl rolls over into its Oneness
—into the sea from which it has come
     and again, the creation of the wave
—the repeated pattern
     discovering itself for a first time
     until suddenly it discovers the shore.

For a moment, reunited with the sands of time
—like two lovers they embrace
     knowing they must depart…
     holding one another
—never forever.

And, the unknowing realization
they are never parted.

Their hearts linked to the vast
ocean of life carry them beyond.

Submerged in wonder
—in hidden depths.

Only now, am I learning to breathe
‘under’ water.


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  1. Ann Pawlik
    Ann Pawlik says:

    Okay, I must say that the first image that came into my mind was Carmelyn, leaping and twirling and dancing joyously before her God. Secondly, I have to tell you that Saturday afternoon, I went through my photo album from our weekend at Seascape, and this poem also reminds me of the many faces and activities we enjoyed together that afternoon, swimming in the Sound, flying a kite, playing with a beachball or just enjoying the warmth of the sun on those rocks. Then I get to the picture and voila! A perfect image of what I love,…the beach and the ocean with the waves lapping (or pounding) the shore (I just love the sound,)…this is where I feel closest to God. My heart longs to be back there. Thanks for the reminder, Soul Sister! Love you!


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