Before Church ‘His’tory…

Before Church ‘His’tory…

There was a deep blue sea
brimming over with life…
the land was sweet
like a honey comb.

Its very essence oozed—
its ‘source’ full and never ending.

The skies were alive—
birthed with wonders
only the imagination
could fathom.

The world was rich in sustenance…
ALL things sacred
breathing the endless
dawning of NEWNESS.

There was NO-thing as a day…
The understanding of time
was the ebb & flow
of the rivers curling
around each enhancing tributary.

There were no rules to be had…
No dogmas to be laid out…
Everything seemed to grasp
the eternal womb of LOVE…
bursting in embryonic fluids—
feeding every vein flowing with
blood rich & pure.

Arteries & capillaries
filled the heart pulsating
at the very core of infinity.

The center need not be
understood for it
was within the very essence
of dwelling itself.

No hands ordained need consecrate
the bread consumed—
for communion was the very
opening of community…
joining hands in ONENESS,
in harmony
THAT consecrated the very ACT
of ‘BODY’ now ingested
filling all
with what transubstantiates—

AND, no one was left hungry.
No one excluded
nothing left out.

The table was the wet
quilt of the ground
swelling with joy
as everyone ate of its fullness.

So much
lay before
the printed words,
In the Beginning…

And while my heart treasures
the wisdom within the pages…
I’m discovering the ceasingly
mysterious symphony
that danced into being
far before any sense
of knowing.

I’m held here
as if in NO space—
stars colliding
painting new galaxies
within the stirrings of
my heart.

This is

It was before all
things until it
‘fogged’ over

by those who
cannot BELIEVE
in the miracles
they preach.

The simple words
speak in me—
“Forgive them for they
know not what they do.”

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