Eyes painted with stardust.
Suddenly a ballad playing itself
caused me to rise.

A flutter of strings
accompanied by pecks upon keys—
was this a dream?

Wrapped in my comforter,
a soft feather caressed my brow.
I held open the palms of my hands to 
receive this prayer
and, I felt the soft wings
nestled upon my flesh.

I flew from beneath my
covers.  I sought out in search
of the One who lay this gift
for me to receive.

Into the forest I traversed.
The majestic trees towered into the sky.
Their branches, like a conductor’s hands lifted,
calling each note to begin to play—
dawn would soon be here.

I said, “Please, please tell me—
I seek my Beloved.  They have left me
this feather…please have you seen
my Beloved?”

The leaves giggled.  I hurried my pace
—my breath, a song…
Urgent was my tune.

A deer stood in the mist seeding the valley.
Ears lifted as I cried out…
“See this feather, it belongs to 
my Beloved…help me find my
Beloved before the sun lifts
its pregnant rays across the sky.”

Drops of dew held on every blade
of grass.  I lay down soaking myself.

“Beloved, sing to me, I’m here.
Come, gather me in your wings—
Let me soar with you
to unknown places.  Let us orchestrate
an Opera for those with
ears to hear.”

A rush of wind whipped through
my hair—but, it was not the wind.

Gazing into the horizon, a pair of
wings stretched wide.

One day, I will come for you.
Your time has not come.

Now, you must sing your song
—strengthen your wings

You are the dawn
creating the cast for a New day.

I stood and began walking
—each step as light as a feather.

I could not stop singing.

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