…what I’m about to pen
I do not even understand.
Still the ink from within
your dwelling flows…
my spirit invited to write.

you wait, and have been
for so long.  Your
bride is near
her longing has been
before ‘anything’ ever was.

They…the ones leading
the people~~~they have never
grasped her.  They turned
her into ‘stone’~~~called her
a mother or even better
they celebrate a union
marrying you to a church,
a structure, a building—

They speak of a NEW Jerusalem—
A Holy City.
Far from the spouse
your being pines.

Divine masculine~~~
you await the Divine feminine—
The union of the Yin and the Yang—
One cannot be without the other.

Spirit calls for the renewal of
balance~~~of HARMONY.

From before the beginning
Creation’s breath
blew into the void.
Chaos and calm dwelt together
igniting a universe
which was for so long
without human form.

Everything dwelt as One
but, today
the towers that have been
erected are tumbling.

Children no longer have a
way to follow.
Adults simply do
not buy into the rigid rules
any longer—some
mired in the stone tablets.

The message of Love
Beloved…there are
some listening.

Is ‘his‘tory~~~’her‘story
repeating itself in NEW ways?

Is the union—
the banquet being prepared
before eyes that do not see?

Can we believe in HOPE
when others are without food
and water/while others
fill their purses bursting at the seams?

Some are crying out for PEACE.
Hear them—stop and listen
even if for a moment.

Step away from the NOISE…

The non-sense…
The need for position,
recognition, fame, fortune.

See the simple
woven fabric of love…
the seamless garment for
which they cast lots.

It has been severed by the
very hands frightened of
her restorative balance.

Beloved~~~she comes.
Not the prostitute they have deemed her, nor the whore
of Babylon.

She is wisdom—
a thin veil whose face
remains hidden…
hidden because her light
like yours is brighter
than the sun.

Beloved…take ‘her’ hand.

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