Beside the Wailing Wall…A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land(Coming Home)

Beside the Wailing Wall…A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Coming Home)

I stood.

Another ‘wall’ split its center
‘dividing’ the masculine
from the feminine.

I began to wail—
I could not contain
my weeping.                                                    

Suddenly, a woman
drew herself near to me.
She stepped up
where a structured ‘rise’
allowed her to glance ‘over.’

I joined her.

A man approached.                                            
He did not appear threatening—
He stood on the rise.
On his side of the divide,
his small son beside him.

He embraced the woman
with a single arm
whispering, “I want you as
close as you can be.”
He pulled her to him
as if the ‘division’ was
no longer there.

AND, began
their child’s barmitzva.

This message of love the father gave
to his son…

I can ONLY hope
such love will
break down these human


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