Sweet ‘Whisperer’
the One who lulls me
from my sleep—
Each day
you sprinkle stardust
upon my brow
awakening my gentle soul
to get up~~~

“Come, come~~~you say”
let us take our leave
while the night sky is still
young.  No one will ‘see’ us…
it is only you and I.

Let us spend some moments
together in silence.
Take my hand ‘already’
within your reach~~~our palms united.

We shall skip to the rhythm
of the cicadas’ song
and dance while the screech owl
howls to the moon.
We’ll try counting the celestial
wonders one by one till we fall
backwards into a bed of leaves
laughing as if drunk
with the sweetest of wines—
when the first sign of a new day
begins to waken the ones ready
to make their way to work,
we’ll escape
as if we never were here—

From a distance we’ll see one passer-by
getting into the car
a cup of coffee in hand—
an IPad in the other.
We’ll see another
running to get to the
office on time—
cellphone connected to the ear.

We’ll hear the clock ticking,
horns honking, sirens
a ‘shot‘ in the not so
we’ll remember
our silent ‘gathering’
only hours ago.

Then we’ll
HEAR the voices, the
sounds of ‘our’ children
how to bring
them “back” into
this prayerful


5 replies
  1. Benedicte
    Benedicte says:

    OH Sandy !
    This BLISS HOUR is an everyday experience for a pilgrim. We start out early, early morning to get this – what you so clearly put into life via poetry. Thank you dear sister.
    With Love Benedicte

  2. Ingrid Bruck
    Ingrid Bruck says:

    What a delight! I loved, “We shall skip to the rhythm/of the cicadas’ song” and “wonders/ one by one till we fall/ backwards into a bed of leaves/laughing “. To awaken into such a place and time outside the plugged in stress of the work-a-day world as unconnected as it is to these natural rhythms.


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