Rooted…in the soils of time!


Enter…the door is WIDE open.

Mystical Union

Mystical Union

When darkness and light
met a first time,
no ONE
viewed this MYSTERY…
yet, ‘we’ have been ‘invited’
to be a part of
this mystical union
EVERY day and
in every ‘single’ breath.

Flowers in the Desert

Yes…there really are flowers in the desert.



My Beloved and I—
we have been caught…

Our love could not be

So long…so very long
I wanted to keep this secret
locked away
but, when we sit—
gazing ‘into’ one another’s eyes…

When we touch—
a warmth connecting our be-ing…

We breathe in intoixicating


All this intimacy
breathed out…

Love cannot keep itself
locked away
or poured out
only upon a select few.

Love ‘spreads’ for all
to receive…
if ever it excludes,
it is NOT love.

Dust the House

Dust the House

It’s time to dust the house—
a thorough sweeping required…

The cob webs…
they’ve hung far too long—
even the spiders have disappeared.

The mats…
shake them~~~hang them from a branch
so the air can find hidden passages and
remove the clogged rubbish.

Open windows…
‘see’ what you have been missing—
the glass, so marred by debris has
clouded your sight.

Pull open the cupboards.
Your heart’s in there—
set the table with the dish wear that
has been unused…

The banquet is at hand—
invite all to this communion.

The Enclosure of Silence

The Enclosure of Silence

So long
creeping into a mystery
of unknown—

The branch
I’ve rested upon
being weighted
down by this
new transformation
only now
preparing to set itself

No rush—
this would only
put an end
to what has seemed
an eternal wait.

It’s so warm
in here—
cozy really—
Still…I cannot

my being pushing,
attempting to find

The space—
This enclosure of silence…
“Holy Womb”—
preparing for the
newness of life.

“Forever” changed by
the seasons
year after year.

Not a “creator’s” story,
endless, timeless

it is now time to
break into song.



my words were
as drops of rain
steadily falling
from heaven’s

One after
casting pools
across a vast
area of land.

I chose to step
into a pool…
the water knee deep

then another—
waist high.

I continued
stepping in and out
of the waters

until I
dipped into a sea
‘well’ over my head.

Nothing beneath
my feet—
I was treading

it dawned on me,”I’m bathing in
my own tears”!

There all along—
a ‘hot spring’
inside me.

It took
time to sense
the ‘healings’
going on—

Not physical,
but yes, physical healing
yet—so, so much more.

A light was
now shining
within the pool—

You can jump in

but, if ever you
see me floating on
my back
give me a moment

at times
I need to
bathe in the pool

Clouded Bubbles

Color bathes itself in a sky of blue satiny water WAITING for
the gazer to dip into her puffy clouded bubbles.



Like a race horse
set in ‘the gate,’
I awaited the
sound of the bell.

There it was—
off I went
but, I was not
in a race.

I was so sure footed…
my hooves
kicking up the ground
beneath me.

I was beyond
a trot…
a gallop…
it was almost as if I were
a pace
so fast

I began to
notice I was ‘missing’

rushing here—
trying to get this done
or the next task

By the end of the day
I stumbled—

Yes, so unnaturally
I lay broken—
enough to ‘feel’
the very fibers in
my being crying out

I gathered myself ‘enough’
to recognize the
stumbling in
my mind

the sounds, the noises, the
distractions—all the
vain lures wearing down,
perplexing my soul.

So hard I stumbled in my
mind until a silent
moment ‘engulfed’ the
toxicity of endless
superficial longings.

A tender swoosh of wind
ruffled my mane
and I could ‘see’ again
the road before me.


If ‘gravity’ should one day fail you…consider it a gift—
you’ve finally let-go of everything holding you down.

Upside Down

Upside Down

That is exactly
what you have done…

Will ‘anything’ ever be
right side up again?
This I doubt!

You pushed me ‘down’
into the soil…
replanted my B-ing—

In the darkness…
like a ‘weed’
I began to stretch,
trusting only
what you give me.

You said, “Trust me.”
I let go of my ideas
and found myself breaking
through the crust of
the earth.

Bathed in your sun…
Nourished by the rains…
Frozen by winter’s blast…
Reborn in the chaos of
Spring’s re-creation…

I grow—freely…
simply ‘within’ the gift of your

A weed—indeed.
Spreading across
a wild, daunting
scape of land
stretching for endless miles

seen only by those
whose hearts
lie open.

Those willing to
walk a path without
the need for accolades,
recognition, prestige—

Those saying,
“I need less and less and less—
nothing more.”

The garden filled
with plenty—
Why tarry in a
false field of
bouquets that
do not last.