CAIN and ABEL—Sacrifice (Hebrew Scriptures)















Cain and Abel—Sacrifice (Hebrew Scriptures)

‘I AM’…lived and dwelt among them!
Who came up with sacrifice?
Who came up with this notion that offerings needed to
be given to ‘someone,’ ‘something’ way beyond our

Boys, boys…you so loved the soil, playing in the dirt—
You never wanted to do anything else.  You loved
the Garden…you tended, tilled the land
and your crops overflowed…

ABEL…you loved the animals~~~especially those little sheep.
Staff in hand, gentle boy, you leaped from rocky crags, just like your four legged friends and
you were always keenly aware of keeping them safe…

One day, one very trying day…
What happened Cain?  You brought what you had
planted and looked upon what your brother Abel
brought.  No one saw anything different, BUT…YOU!

What took you down this road?  Why did you have to
compare?  Compete with your brother~~~what took
over your heart, Cain?  Come back!

Disharmony, a falling from grace…
Your brother Abel… ‘please, brother…no! no!!’ BUT
You could not hold back~~~your brother’s blood
now in the soils you so loved to bathe in…he still
spoke to you~~~
“Brother, brother…come back, come back.”

I AM reaching outward trying desperately
To ‘get’ back ‘into’ Cain’s being~~~

Cain tormented by envy, jealousy runs
recklessly~~~stumbling, falling
haunted by Abel’s voice…”I forgive you”
and I AM’s breath whispering in the distance
divining them…’I Love You’

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