Camino—Day 14

Camino—Day 14

April 8th

Outside the Church Doors

Outside the doors of the
Cathedral…there she sat.

The stony pavement beneath her—
cold and damp.

She held a small basket
in her hand…
She spoke not a word
and barely raised her head.

I dropped a coin
into her basket…
I just happened to have one
within reach…

A soft voice spoke, “Gracias”…
Something ‘inside’ me barely could
look her in the eye…

Who really was the pilgrim here?
Who of us knew the meaning of
the word humility?

I’ve NEVER sat ‘hoping’ my cup would
get filled…
she sat for an entire day trusting
that enough persons would come along so that
she’d receive just enough to feed
her family.

Does she have family?
I don’t know…

The ‘mammoth’ Cathedral NOW before me—
Inside a treasure chest of silver
and gold…
BUT, no bread to break.

Christ tipped the tables—
He’d begin by feeding this woman.

That woman is ‘the temple’ where the
Divine does dwell—

She’s adorned in what is probably
her only wear


I softly hear above, the NOISE of
the clanging bells…

This is MY Body…’
Outside the Church Doors.

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