Camino—Day 17

Camino—Day 17

April 11th

The Sun became a Candle

This morning
the service began with the ‘lighting’ of a candle.

I walked towards the west—
the sky a deep jasmine blue
awaiting the night’s descent.

The soles of my feet moved with
the revolving of the Earth—
for a moment I knew ‘we’ were spinning.

Every step forward
brought the flame behind me
higher and higher.

The sky was a kaleidoscope of
pastel colors.
If you ‘blinked,’ what was before
your eyes—NOW gone.
And, an astonishing array of hues
melted together into ONENESS
as if someone ignited a box of Crayolas.

The choir of sparrows began their
chirping and the crows piped in.

The warmth of the flame
caressed the morning’s dew
as soft patches of fog clung to their final vapors.

The procession was endless
and moved from all four corners of
the Universe.

I began to dance…
my stick, my gentle partner.

I thought for a moment that I heard

I turned staring directly into the flame—blinded.

Does the Sun laugh, I wondered?

This morning—I believe it did…
AND, nothing could diminish its light.

Go NOW—carry this PEACE
into the world.

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