Camino—Day 18

Camino—Day 18

April 12th

Traveling with NO-bodys

They come from Germany, Brazil, Idaho, Florida, Australia, and Seattle—

They traveled from Switzerland, Netherlands, Chicago, Italy, Finland and Connecticut—

They arrived in St Jean Pied de Port from Argentina, California, Korea, UK (London), Spain and France, their homeland, to begin the Camino de Santiago

Every ONE comes with a ‘personal’ intention for walking.  The question IS not what one does in LIFE, but rather, “WHY DOES ONE WALK?”.

There are a ‘host’ of answers—truly Holy Communion…

Some walk to find themselves.  Along the way they befriend one soul after another—a way NOT to listen to what their hearts seek?  It doesn’t matter…it’s their Camino.

Others walk because they’ve lost a child or their soul’s companion.

Some ‘face’ a terminal illness—if their days end on the Camino…their life complete.

Others walk for religious reasons, AND many for NO religious reasons at all.  In fact, they’ve lost their belief in God, BUT they’ve returned to walk this Camino again and again because it has changed them.

AND, there are those who walk for spiritual reasons…each foot step a prayer…

A whispered “NAMASTE’ sparks and endless smile and no other words seem necessary.

So, I’m here, walking with the most incredible NO-bodys.

It’s not important if you own a business, run a company—
It matters NOT if you’ve authored a book or recorded numerous albums (did I say albums?  Now, that’s dating me).

No one really cares if you’re a scientist, a doctor or an engineer—

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mother or father, sister or brother—

We, a ‘collective’ community of pilgrims, join hands with ancient pilgrims of our past who first walked this walk—

Simple, EXTRAORDINARY no-bodys walking The Way–

What is it we’ll find when we reach SANTIAGO or beyond?

It hardly matters…what matters most is this present NOW.

We, No-bodys, seek NOTHING more.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m beginning to understand.

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