Camino—Day 19

Camino—Day 19

April 13th

Being in the Now

Each morning
I rise,
I put one foot on the floor
followed by the other.

I do this to see if the blisters
have gone down and to see
if my toenails are still intact.

I’m definitely in the NOW.
But, I prepare myself for
the beginnings of a new day.

As soon as I step outdoors—
breathing in the chill of the morn…
I set out.

I sing my prayer
and I’m suddenly mindful of THIS moment.
Then, like a sweeping gust of wind
my mind wonders about the next town
and how many more I’ll find
until I reach today’s’ destination.

Oh—and there is tomorrow…
I’ll be in __________________!
for the love of…

What happened to the NOW…
How did I lose it so quickly?

In the background, the sound of the Cuckoo bird sings and I begin to laugh.

IF ONLY I could ‘be’ like the Cuckoo
singing in the present NOW because it is what needs ‘tending’ most…

It is the deepest I AM—
making a track one second and
before one looks back—GONE!

Trying to LIVE in this NOW…
I’m NOT thinking anymore—
I’m listening to
the bird’s singing.

In what town have I arrived?

‘Cuckoo Cuckoo’




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