Camino—Day 20

Camino—Day 20

April 14th


This temple…my Body (A Tree)

Woven into the Earth, my toes, life’s roots, curl through the mud…giving thanks to my soles which hold them, allowing them to linger in the soft blanket of grass.  My soles celebrate my heels— a strong base which allows me to stand.  My heels embrace my ankles—the soft part of the branch that flexes, giving mobility to the root system of THIS Divine being.  My ankles support my calves…those muscular barrels holding the knees…the knees carrying the weight of the Temple’s ‘top’ and allowing the roots to dig deeper and deeper (especially if injured) finding a way to continue to grow.  The knees embrace the quads—the TRUNK of this sacred tree.  They ‘hold’ this dwelling place—and even if MOVED, the trunk holds a place sustaining the pelvis, tender areas, protected by bark and climbing into the stomach—the storage bin for nutrients sustaining this ‘being’ day in and day out.  Above the stomach, front and back—the CORE…the HEART center of MYSTERY…beating within the cage of ribs, held by the spine allowing this SHOOT the ability to bend and sway.  The breast plate—the chest adds dimensions to this living, breathing temple and near to it on both sides, arms, branches for gathering, caring, holding, pulling—praying…when the arm’s hands rest in prayer.

The neck bends—sometimes ‘upward’ in awe and at times ‘downward’ in humility giving thanks for what so often is forgotten and no longer remembered.  NOW—we arrive at the HEAD…there is a mouth which speaks, BUT loves the gentleness of quiet…the nose that captures scents—(amazing how much it can take in…)  two ears—allowing us to hear and listen…our eyes—gateway to light—inviting us to gaze upon the dwelling place of the MOST HIGH.  Finally…the CROWN—if ENLIGHTENED, none of anything would be if the toes inching into the soils of time did not continue to feed off creation’s very presence—birthing, groaning, laboring not yesterday, not tomorrow, BUT EVERY single day.

This Temple…my body—a Tree, uprooted finding LIFE in being human.

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