Camino—Day 27

Camino—Day 27

April 21st

Today…the sun ‘needed’ time to make its way over the mountains and into the valleys.
My soles have stretched for each terrain they gently grip.  At times my mind drifts.
I’ve no idea where I am and where I’m walking.  A stone in the path ‘connects’ with the arch of my foot…the exact spot that echoes a refrain—‘OUCH‘…my ‘soft,’ NOW CALLOUSED BLISTER causes me to walk carefully.  My ‘stick,’ a beloved companion.  I’m feeling sad thinking what it will be like when we say our ‘goodbyes.’  ‘She’ has carried me, held my weight,
brought me to each location when my tired being cried out, “Camino—lift me just a little longer.”
I cannot tell you from where comes my ‘inner’ strength, that internal engine that finds that ‘gear’
held in reserve for the EXACT moment.  ‘Thank you’ has become a word passing from my
lips again and again.

Holy gratitude…Holy it is.  If you don’t like the term (I’m tired of political correctness), know that I have found a deep reverence for all things (people included)— HOLY!

I’ve arrived in Villafranca, my place to stay: Hostel La Puerta del Perdon—I’m
greeted over and over with welcome, warm refreshing hospitality.  My room…the
first with images of the sea…nautical maps, ships in a bottle, a solitary woman
looking out at the ocean.

The room is painted blue matching the painted sky outside my window.  There is
sand in a vase and a sea lily beside my bed.  In this NOW, I’m held as if in the curl of
a wave.  I’m resting in that hidden arch of a womb where there is that unknowing
moment of nothingness before the wave crashes in on itself, a power unrestrained, and
NEVER a moment that one single drop is not connected with every splash of wholeness.
I look up AGAIN…an image of three women drawing water from a well…

I AM never alone.  Muchas Gracias Camino!















Castillo Palacio de los Marqueses

“Jesus says, “If you bring forth that which is within you, it will save you. If you do not bring forth, it will destroy you.”
~~~Gospel of Thomas Quote 70

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