Camino—Day 29

Camino—Day 29

April 23rd















Last evening I kept thinking, “Today, yes this very day, your Camino has ended.  Tomorrow when you wake, it will begin again…never the same as yesterday— for yesterday is gone.
Today begins something new.”

I’m uncertain if ‘this’ thought came because I am drawing nearer to my destination,
but this feels surreal—

The Camino calls me to live each day as ‘A Way’—a way of being conscious, clear,
and mindful when clarity is far removed.

Each morning as my eyes lift the lashes still drizzled with sleep dust, what is the
first thing I bring to my mind?  Do I welcome the silence, do I hear my breath, do I
pause in gratitude for all that is in this single moment?  These questions consume
my being before my feet touch the floor.  Have I begun my day in an expression of
gratitude?  As I the face the world, I want to sing out only THANKFULNESS!!!

‘If I forget to offer thanks and begin rushing to the affairs of the world, to family,
and friends…I ask You, God of my being, to slow me down—to invite me to reflect
about my running from You—my not sitting quietly—my not focusing on the gift
of life You have given me so freely.’

What will I allow or not allow to pass from my lips today?  Will I let myself get
caught up in worldly successes, other events, programs, retreats?  ‘Spirit’ says,
Be Content—Be Content—Be Content!”

I’m not the same as yesterday.  I’m a day older.  Perhaps, I am a bit grayer (that
does not mean wiser).  STILL, I’m Sandy.

The one (I) who began this Camino am nearer to ‘its’ completion—realizing it
begins anew each day.

Will I walk the rest of my days on Earth in ‘LOVE?’  Can I NOT work so hard at
being who I’m NOT and embrace the me others will try to change?

I can hear, “That’s not the real world, Sandy.”

My world is real—NOW!!!
No one sees it, but I do.  I’m NOT posting on the internet so to give it evidence or
proof.  The ‘sense’ within is transformational and it is ENOUGH—
I need nothing more than ALL I already have.

My most important ‘treasures’ are the friendships I have made and the ones I’ve
lost in life.

I have learned most by ‘LOVING’—by risking.  I never would change me because
every moment in my life has made me who I am this day.

I cannot stop expressing ‘THANKS.’

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