Camino—Day 31

Camino—Day 31

April 25th

“That which God said to the rose, and caused it to laugh in full-blown beauty, He
said to my heart, and made it a hundred times more beautiful.”              RUMI

A soft rain washed over me this morning…it continued to fall as I walked for miles
bathing in the endless terrain before me.  Off to the west I was not able to make
out the mountains obscured by the clouds. The mist created a hidden ‘agenda.’
I knew some-thing was there, but it was not clear.  There was/is a hidden place in
me which I do not have to understand or figure out.  I simply know it is there and I
let it be.

I passed one pilgrim this morning—he with his headlamp and I with mine.  We
whispered ‘Buen Camino’ and I moved on.

I walked in silence and wished I could store this ‘quiet’ in a bottle to pour out
upon days filled with useless noise…’blaring music,’ machinery, automobiles,
ringing phones—

I’ve been soooo ‘off the hook,’ detached from cyberspace.  While I know the
benefits of technology, progress, a piece of me wants to hold onto this
quiet/solitude forever.  Whom am I fooling?

I have the right gear to sustain me through all the weather elements, and today
the right gear is beneficial as the heavy rains drench me.  I think of the early
pilgrims who walked the Camino.  They did not have—yet, they made their way.

I reached Sarria (a city)—a noticeable change in scenery, but as I set out to
explore, I had my sights set on reaching the Mosteiro de Santa Maria Madalena.When I arrived, the doors were closed.  I was disappointed.  Slowly, the door
unlocked.  A small statured man welcomed me.  He stamped my credentials and
led me through a door to an interior garden.  The mosaic floor was enchanting.
He then pulled me in gently—walking me into ‘The Inglesis.’  Hidden tears flowed.
He allowed me to sit by myself—I cannot explain anything…

The mist covering this day has hidden what it has willed and I honor all that is
NOT revealed and that is still somehow visible.

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