Camino—Day 33

Camino—Day 33

April 27th

“The foolish man (woman) seeks happiness in the distance; the wise man
(woman) grows it under his (her) feet.”                                  J R Oppenheimer

Today—the rain fell, softly at FIRST, and then as if someone pushed a lever, it
splashed the Earth soaking EVERYTHING.  At times I could ‘see’ thick ‘sheets’ of rain
rolling right in the path and there was NO escape.

MEANING filled my mind today.  ‘We’ give meaning to so many things…actually
almost to everything.  The meaning I give regarding this rain soaked day
determines how I will walk and how ‘pleasant’ the experience may or may not be.

I could list many ‘meaningful’ moments that twirled and curled my soaked hair,
but that would prolong the experience I am enjoying.  What I ‘spend’ my ‘mind’
on ‘feeds’ the meaning…adds color to life.

I want to fill myself with what is ‘good’ so that I might nourish the world through
what others receive from me.  I’m walking through ‘living’ pages of history at this
moment—choices made…with good intentions even though they may not have
manifested what initially was intended.

Still, I’m tired when persons belabor the same old tapes, harvest hatred and
dualities again and again.  Are we different from those long ago who TRIED to
pave a way where ALL can live harmoniously?

What MEANING will future generations find in what we leave behind?

I pray…I really pray that with all the technology we have at our disposal, every
moment of every day we have or not have, we will not lose a balance of
FAITH…the silent unknown, the hidden mystery that each of us cannot find on

I pray ‘we’ do NOT give our children ‘everything.’  I pray that our children
understand the gift WAITING and the simplicity of joy that comes with

I pray that we never rush the seasons—
May their meanings kindle in us the desire to ripen as ‘meaning‘ feeds our roots—
allowing us to grow.

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