Camino—Day 37

Camino—Day 37

May 1st
Final Day

THIS day I have reached the ‘c’athedral…
I have arrived
AND discovered ALL the
endless beginnings!

The ‘t’emple in me has COME home—
My heart is so full, expanding with
every breath.
I’m not certain
how this heart has ROOM to beat—

It has discovered ‘a rhythm’ in the
vast mystery of CREATION—

May this knowing ‘rest’ in thee.
















Dust, mud, sun and rain
is the Road of Santaigo
Thousands of pilgrims
and more than a million years.

Pilgrim, who is calling you?
What hidden force draws you?
Neither the field of stars
nor the grand cathedrals.

It is not the brave Navarre,
nor the wine of the Riojas
nor the Galacian seafood,
nor the Castillian fields.

Pilgrim, who is calling you?
What hidden force draws you?
Neither the people of the road
nor the rural customs.

It is not the history and the culture,
nor the rooster of the Calzada
nor the palace of Gaudi.
Nor the Castle Ponferrada.

I see everything in passing,
and it is a joy to see the side (or parts)
more the voice that calls me
I feel much more deeply.

The force that pushes me
the force that draws me,
I can’t explain
Only he from Above knows!

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  1. tom f. rubino
    tom f. rubino says:

    I have read some of your writings before and did not understand and disagreed with some writings.
    I am a OFS and walk in the ways of St Francis and the cross of Jesus teachings, I am to embark on my on Journey to Spain in june to find my on self with God and help who I can as I do here as a humble servant. I loved walking your Journey and at 68 yrs of good health and the holy spirit I will do it at 70. Thank you for the Love of the world that is in you. Love photography and art, I am not a good writer.

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      Peace & All Good Things Tom,
      How blessed to receive your missive.
      Thank you for journeying with me and for expressing honestly your words even those
      which disagree with my thoughts. What a gift to freely express oneself…
      what JOY there is in “viewing” life differently and still finding & following the One we Love.
      In Christ & Francis
      P.S. Buen Camino on ‘your’ pilgrimage whenever it may be…


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