Camino—Day 7

Camino de Santiago—Day 7

April 1st
















A walking stick…it has become for me MORE than JUST a stick, (I’ve named her STICKEY—creative, huh?), but she likes it.  She has a cord near her top.  She prefers I loop my hand through it so we seem connected TWICE.  My grip is firm, yet gentle.  AT different moments I feel as If I’m choking her especially up those steep ascents, stony pathways.  It is then SHE rises to the occasion all the more.  I dropped her once…maybe deliberately wondering if when she touched the ground she’d turn into a snake.  SHE didn’t and I was most grateful.  We have a WAY to go…don’t know what I’d do if she slithered away. (Ha!Ha!)

This stick ‘picked’ me back in St Jean…I picked it up putting it back down and she leaned ‘into’ me.  It has been my constant companion…a piece of wood—it carries me.

My thoughts were so MEANING-filled today.  I pondered the ‘day’—WEDNESDAY of Holy Week.  I was in deep thought about Christ, the man, who knew what lay before Him.  Tomorrow He would share the PASSOVER with his friends and a room was needed.

I re-called a room where two years earlier I gathered with 28 other pilgrim brothers & sisters…our final night together after having WALKED the Camino Mary Magdalene (The Sacred Feminine).

James Twyman (Peace Troubadour) sent an invitation to journey with Benedicte Meyer (guide) who would journey with us to MYSTICAL dwelling places, holy caves, temples and secret landscapes others would prefer not be known so as NOT to create “SHRINES” for thousands who would come to WORSHIP.  Christ said simply, “Follow me.”  What has happened to that message?

Today I remembered each individual on that pilgrimage.  MANY have become a part of the very fabric of my life!  My soul brother James is ‘singing’ into the world A Course in Miracles.  I’m not hearing him in these moments, BUT I am ‘seeing’ the Cosmic Miracle of Christ—ALIVE all around me, beside me, within me.  My soul sister Benedicte told me I had to go this ‘path’ alone.  Sometimes I think I can see her running along the rocks, skipping in fields of flowers…
I WANT to name each of you, but I only have so much paper on which to write. (Ha!Ha!)  I see you, and feel the essence of our ‘communion’—I AM because you are.

Most of us were intimate strangers NOT seeing what was to be.  It was that Camino that gave me the courage to set out on the Divine Masculine Camino (The Way of St James) and my being is wedded to the joy found along the trail of Mary Magdalene and NOW of St James.

The moon, Luna, has set Her face in the sky while it is still light…in a few days she will be FULL.  Already I feel the energy and whisper—most especially to my Camino Family, “I LOVE YOU all to the Moon and back.”

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  1. Terese Schroeder
    Terese Schroeder says:

    And love surrounding us all. I just told the story of our magic camino. When we prayed for direction and the wind sent us back. Oh, to be held in the sacred space of nature with fellow pilgrims all seeking our path.

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      Dearest Camino Sis,
      I, too, remember that ‘day'(one I shall NEVER forget)—ALL directions of the Universe guiding our path!!!
      Thank YOU for sharing the memory with me THIS moment…


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