Camino—Day 9

Camino—Day 9

April 3rd (Good Friday)

It was a GOOD Friday morning—I set off missing a “Way” marker and had to back track.  At just the right moment with the sun NOT having yet broken the horizon’s line—I looked back and noticed two pillars in the sky…one to the right, the other to the left—they were RAINBOWS.  In between the center, lay the COSMIC MYSTERY (at least for me).


This day, this Friday remembered, celebrated by Christians around the world…for me what HAPPENED was likened to the same mystery beheld.

Heaven and Earth, Two Thieves on a cross…in that solemn moment CHRIST brought Heaven and Earth together.  Note—when Heaven and Earth were separated it was not whispered as GOOD—NOW each day so good because there is no LONGER any division, no dualities—ALL IS ONE~~~ (Genesis Note).

My tears are joining this resurrection day.  The landscape stretched beyond my sight line, and I see the snow covered mountains in the distance.  I’m pondering much AND meditating on Richard Rohr’s explanation of the three temptations that Christ faced after being baptized by John, then going off into the desert and JUST before beginning His public ministry.  Time and again I have tried to live the message—AND I’m still trying…

Christ’s first temptation…having fasted 40 days, Christ was hungry and the Tempter knew this—so insisted, “Turn these stones into bread.”  Jesus gives up SUCCESS.  Go away Tempter…

The Tempter knows the Scriptures (So many do, or think they do—and wound more hearts than they spread LOVE).  The Tempter says, “Throw yourself down…you won’t dash your foot.”  Jesus gives up the need to be RIGHT.  How often in dialogues…to get in the last word, bantering continues.  AGAIN, Jesus says, “Go away Tempter.”

The tempter, losing patience, but ALWAYS persistent, takes Jesus to a lofty Place.  “All this can be YOURS…only bow to me.”  Jesus gives over POWER and the Tempter goes away…for a while.

I’m so taken by the words ‘A WHILE.”  I am peace-filled at present.  I have so little except what I carry and even this is MORE than I need.  It is a long way BEFORE I return HOME, but I know SOME-THING will come quickly trying to take away this PEACE…

For now…I hold the RAINBOWS and WALK into an ETERNAL CENTER.

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