What secret 
disturbing visitor
has arrived unleashing its
countless furies
upon the shoreline?

The flow, the rhythm,
cannot be marked in time.
Wave upon wave
crash into rocks
lifted from the sea
—formations like humpback whales
rising to feed.

Another break
—the waters crashing in upon

Blankets of white foam
scatter over the 
deep graying depths.

Gulls lift their wings
and effortlessly
they move with the
rhythm fashioning
a stormy tale.

I gaze
—eyes filling with the
salt of the storm’s debris.

I taste its offering
and I silently bow
in a posture of praise.

I understand,
or I respectfully acknowledge,
the surging force of

nature’s ways.

I meet her at the shore,
and I know
where to stop.

As naked as the sea,
am I.
I gather the ‘roar,’
the churning tides
inside the sea
that live in me.

The visitor I asked
about in the beginning of
this voyage,
is the Captain of the Seas
who keeps watch
over the vessel I am.

Always, this messenger
‘Sails up,
Sails down,
Time to harbor,
SET Sail…’

Now, I am still
grains of sand
finding shelter between my toes.

It is well—
all is well
with my Soul.


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