Woman…you are
not by the flesh
of your foreskin.

No, Woman~~~
nothing ‘cut’ you…
ONLY your heart
broken open
time and again
before life’s beginnings.

You~~~an eternal womb
of life.
A spring alive with
living waters.
You~~~ a part of
a covenant that
lives and breathes
before any chapters
ever put to words.

Still today
your voice, silenced.
There is a cry…
“No More.”

The voices of our
‘packed’ in earth’s clay…
They feel ‘our’ tears moistening the ground.
They are alive
coming again to embrace
their daughters—
their granddaughters.

Women of Zion
sing your song—
Dance with timbrel and lyre.
Let your beauty
seduce the One who
created you
NOT for selfish pleasures
or a mere instrument
that gives birth.

You are the matrix of
the Eternal Now—
A diamond cut again
and again and again.


Rise up!
Rise up!
Rise up!

It is time to gather
your chicks.
Hold them in your wings
as wide as the universe
and beyond.

The token of your covenant set on the
8th day—
Your heart already beating
the same language—A Covenant…
A bow in the clouds—

…it is time to rise
Gentle Sophia.
(Divine Feminine)

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