Come, come now
little pups

Do not tarry.

Trust…when ‘we’
arrive there shall
be an abundance
of crumbs.

you shall eat
until you are full
because you do
not ask for more
than what is
your worth.

The worth
of my child
cannot be ‘tagged.’

The value of
any child
should never
heed a price.
Every child Is

Every ‘living’ creature
a treasure
far more precious
than diamonds or pearls.

Come now
little pups

You no longer
have to drag
your tails.

Wag them
again and again
until the message
be carried
by the sweeping
of your endless joy.

He ‘received’ the
message ONLY after
we crept into
the segregated meeting

At first
our voices were hushed—

Oh…but your
bark little pup
gave way—

I watched my
little child
now at play
catching your tails

scattering the crumbs
still covering the floor.















Canaanite Woman(Adapted by this writer from Matthew 15:21-28)


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  1. serap basol
    serap basol says:

    Dearest Sandra your poems and drawings are so beautiful and touching. this one is so lovable. I love the way you express your feelings. Your messages are precious for all of us. Love and light allways.. 🙂


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