Concussion vs Superbowl Sunday

Concussion vs Super Bowl Sunday

A gentle man traveled to
America—to make a difference.
He would have
NO idea just how…

A Business—cashing in
on lives…husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles…
never the same, yes, sons
(in the moment—HEROES)
until they are no
longer recognizable
to their families.


The Doctor mocked,
belittled, discredited…
The league trying ‘everything’
to disassemble
the evidence
while ‘minds’ get
hammered and no one
‘sees’ the cost
of the blows—

Ahhhhhh…but this
Doctor brought it to
LIGHT.  So, what
must we do?
REMOVE him.”

This parallels the scripture passage
of the man healed by Christ…
the man possessed by
LEGION (many demons).

Christ heals him by
casting the demons within the
man into a herd of
swine which then
plummet over the hillside.

The people see the healed
man BUT they do
not rejoice.
Instead, they tell Jesus—


Why?  He’s removed their
livelihood, their means!
(Couldn’t they come up with
another WAY with their
healed brother to HELP?)


The Doctor said, “God
did not intend man
to play football.”

The outcry, “WHAT?

Will Smith personified
Dr. Bennet Omalu—
His performance sheer brilliance…

he received NO REWARD
he was ONLY the
star in the film.

What sideline will
you gaze from this

It’s Superbowl Sunday

dip your ‘chips’
into the many platters
created for THIS


sink your
teeth into TRUTH.

I think I’ll be

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    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      I pray NEVER to ‘afflict’ anyone
      but humbly hope that as my own ‘conscience’ is raised
      I may invite others to ‘see’ in NEW ways…(METANOIA)


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