I’ve disappointed many
persons in my lifetime…
I’m certain I’ll
disappoint a few more.

NOT by conscious choice—
certainly not
…in fact, my entire being
has held the weight of
the voices letting me know
or not know by silencing
themselves from my world.

For those moments
I ask forgiveness—it was
all I had left.

Beaten—not by anyone else
BUT by me…I cried
and the Source of Life
pulled me to a place where
ONLY “we” were together.

Without words
I was held—
realizing “I” was allowing
the disappointments to erase
my goodness.

Is this a confession?
Hell, yes…
I vanished downward AND
found me—
found the me who is, was, and
always will BE—a creation
that moves, breathes and in my
lack of perfection, I
know NOW how to rise.

I don’t want what has
been to go away—
Still, I do not wish
to be seeped in it.

Like a burning flame—
The fire in my heart…
warm and tender.

I’ll share my embers from
time to time.
But, right now—
Yes, in this moment…
I sit ‘ALONE’—
Yet, NOT by myself, but
in this impregnable warmth.

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