Torrents of rain—
Summer sun—
Sleet, snow

Driving down the
what’s the speed limit?

I’m going to make it
on time.

What’s this?

Orange & White

NOT today!
NOT today!

Suddenly, I’m in a
back up…
The orange & white cones
surround me—

I’m moving again—slowly!

—Pothole repair
—Complete lane changes
—New painted lines

Someone ‘honks’ behind me!
We’re moving.

I make it on time…

The unique parallels—
What needs ‘constructing’
in our own lives?

Can we slow down?
Hold off rushing to NOwhere…

The pavement of our heart’s
does it need mending?
Are there cracks, divides
that separate us from our
very selves?

What paint are you using
to SEE the world?
Orange & white are
comforting colors.

Stop…proceed when ready—
you can create lane changes if
you’re off course.

The road ahead is yours to
blaze…use caution
when necessary.

Trust ‘your’ inner guide.


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