Standing on a wall
or in the present
to hold ‘upon’ this rock.

I glance one way
recalling how I
once served—
My call…to protect,
keep safe
those who dwell ‘in’
this side.

I turned focusing my
gaze in the opposite direction…
Here I have been
as well—
walking, discovering
AND received with warm welcome.

From where I now stand,
there is no
longer this side
or the other side.

I’m discerning,
am presently realizing
I have
been a wall.

NOW…there has
been a landslide.

I am standing in
rubble..a threshold of sorts—
a wounded time.

I do not have a need to
rebuild ‘the wall’ I was.

I do not want to
see in ‘divisions’
as difficult as that may be.

So easy,
would you not say
to acknowledge our

To cast others off—
remove them from
‘our’ tribe.

How can we come
to a table…

One set

with ’round’ dishes—
a feast set for ALL…

A banquet of
diversified spreads—

Might this be the
“Body’ of Christ…(Allah, Buddha…etc.)
(I hold this vision)

I hear…
“This is too difficult!”

Is it …really?

Do we sabotage
attempts because we are
too tired to try?
Because we are so busy

Oh, you are about God’s work…
no time?

Once upon ‘a time’
I sat in the church pew…
I prayed, I understood.

amongst these crumbled stones,
my prayer rises.
I am dirty,
a tad broken.

I no longer
what I once believed
to be true.

From here…
I have discovered
The Gospel of Life.

An innocent person
died for these ‘views’
nearly two thousand
years ago.

Love and MORE love,


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