Crystal Cathedral

Crystal Cathedral

The silent moon
lit the canopy of the rooftop
bedecked with
layer upon layer
of frosted snowflakes.

The temperatures dipped
below the “0” mark,
yet one single drop
formed over the gutter.

It froze before falling,
and then another drop formed—
cascading down the one
which preceded the first.

Sitting quietly
in my ‘nest’—
a cozy church pew…
I watched and listened
to the heat bellowing ‘inside’
and a distant owl
singing ‘outside’—
a hymn no choir could duplicate.

The window I looked out upon
began changing scenes…
mesmerized—I slid
lower and lower
astonished, yet again, by the artist
working in the night.

I could not lower my head—
I did not want to stop ‘SEEING’
and, yet, I wished
to bow in holy wonder—
a masterpiece being
created by invisible hands.

When the day
made its way in
I remained seated until finally
RISING from the chair…

A crystal cathedral
painted outside the window—

No Gospel verse
could re-create what
WAS before my eyes.

what IS!

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