Daughter of Woman

Daughter of Woman

Hear with ears afresh.
Yes—listen to a voice
speaking in the sculpture
of your femininity
born out of clay.

The ways of man—
they’re not wrong.

Still, as women
we need to ‘breathe’ in
our nurturing, sustaining,
cleansing, forgiving

fully human—BEINGS.

We are not beneath our
brothers nor are we
We are made in the
image and likeness of
what cannot
be defined.

Daughters of Women
clear the paths
that have told you
YOU cannot travel this way.

Let NO one tell you
you are not fit.

We are ALL sharers
in the Reign of the Living One…

the Living One
who dwells in our midst
inviting us each and
every NEW day—

to step into the beginnings of life
we are given and
blessed to receive
when our eyes open
to every blessed

Daughter of Woman
raise your voice
even if no one hears.

Sing your song—

Trust it is HEARD

Daughter of Woman—
Spirit finds rest in thee.



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