Dawn’s Arrival

Dawn’s Arrival

Hidden ‘between’ satin sheets of
fading ‘blackness’—dawn positioned
itself like a leopard in the trunks
of trees fanned behind green
stalks—their color mattered little
in this hour.

Stars hung over spools of tapered
clouds…eyes adjusting—
but, to what?

A few street lights flared their rays,
but the night held like an abyss…
Deeper, like a knife peeling back the
skin of an orange…what do I smell?

No, it is not citrus, but
instead the sweetened moisture
of dew drops splashing what now
was becoming visible.  How?
It mattered not…pupils diminishing
in size, color streaking the skies
like an artist’s pallet running
before a brush stroked plate.

This is dawn.

Dawn…YOU arrived unannounced, unexpected
yet how you wind your way ‘in’—
only the poets can tell, only the
musicians can play you and the
chorus carry your tune.

Dawn, your presence incomplete yet
it is your perfection—
It cannot be mastered.  Your reign is
eternal…before all things and
after all living beings.

The leopard now lays in the
standing grasses—
its prey linked in its paws.

Dawn has made its way—
The darkness shall pave its way
again tomorrow.

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  1. Fran
    Fran says:

    Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Thanks so much for continuing to share your gift. I’m grateful to be on your recipient list!
    Have an awesome day.


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