Deborah…(Hebrew Scriptures)

DEBORAH…(Hebrew Scriptures)

What say you?
A woman…
A Prophetess…
A leader in the time of the Judges.

A time of great conflict.
Enormous tensions.
You spoke and the people listened.
BUT, they would not go into ‘battle’
without you.

Your heart wrenched—
you knew the strains of battle.
NO victories!

It was not about winning or losing.
It was about surviving, protecting…sustaining~~~but what?

You had to lead.
You, a woman, and no one
speaks of your bravery, your courage, your risks.
Your consciousness stretched,
wounded~~~betraying what you knew.
But, you had to act.

What if you were here today, Deborah?
Would you help us to see beyond
boundaries, beyond divisions?
YOU would lead us to the Source
that lived in you.

Your song~~~they called it a victory hymn,
but, the tent peg and the hammer
killing the enemy
shadowed your life.
you lived
with the knowledge of
that heavy weight.








“Wakefulness is a state of non-illusion where you see things
not as you are but as they are.”                                                    

                                                                      —Anthony DeMello

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