the peaks hid-den in angels wings.

My breath—
each inhale bathing my lungs
every exhale
creating pools of sparkling droplets
soaring to the unknown.

the beating in my chest
roaring like a ravenous lion
in search of sustenance.

The crest—
in sight.
I rush to the edge
losing all sense of

I tumble
I fall
and I am broken.

Lying motionless—
I open my eyes
rubbing away a
smattering of debris.

My ‘lashes’ rise.
I attempt to focus.

it is so clear
from ‘down’ here…

My hand washes over my eyes
a second time.
A veil removed—

How was it I was
SEEING everything
from this descent?

I stood
brushing myself off…

The ground held me
for some time and then let-go.

I stepped…
No one would see this moment.
No one might believe it true.

Yet, some-ONE was beside me,
around me and within me.
There was no sound
and this voiceless One
lured me, beckoned me…



so I AM.

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