Do Reindeer Fly?

Do Reindeer Fly?

From star to star
they pranced.
Their hooves
sprinkling dust
throughout the sea
of ebony
pursing on and on.

Their ears pointed—
cusping the laden air…
their noses picking
up the scent
of celestial beings
‘looking’ on in delight.

Their tails…
white like pure cotton
whisked the moon
behooving its golden glow.

As morning drew,
they descended
one by one
into the silken valleys.

They sipped upon
drops of dew—
their soft brown
hides glimmered in
the sun’s first light.

So, do you really
believe reindeer
do not fly?

Go out into
the night
AND…if by chance
you come upon
a shooting star…

you’ll hear
the sounds of
their graceful
pulling a sleigh
through the
Milky Way.

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