Do you know Her?

Do you know Her?

Recognize her?
You think she’s homeless–

We don’t want the 
likes of her in our neighborhood.
She is not allowed where we live~~~
her ‘likes’ don’t give off 
positive energy.

Well, I decided to 
follow her…
From a distance.

When she rose
from her bed of rock,
she pulled back a small
crust of bread.
The expression on her face
was that of an angel
and, NOW she was surrounded
by endless wings.
She fed the feathered creatures
as if a liturgy had begun.

She draped her
shawl, her vestment…
around her shoulders.
She gathered the ‘host’
of belongings
lying beside her.

She ceremoniously proceeded
through the streets.

As she walked by
the bakery,
she lifted a bag left for her.

The owner of the coffee stand
filled her a paper cup—
her chalice of morning

The butcher
left some slices of
meat and cheese curds
and off she went…

—beneath the bridges

—into the alleyways
—behind dumpsters.

She went ‘into’ the
‘hid-den’ crawl spaces.

She knew her congregation.

She shared communion.

She saw me
and pulled herself
to my side.

She didn’t say anything…
She did not have to.

I’m trying to follow.

I have so much
to let-go!


A humble, heartfelt ‘Thank you‘ to ‘all’ who responded to the last post: “I Can’t Breathe.”

I wept and honestly can say I am breathing a little more easily because of the enormous acts of LOVE ‘spreading’ across the globe…even amidst so much unrest.

Many of you asked permission to share the ‘post.’
By all means—please feel free to share these seeds of love I ‘tend’ and plant.

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Let’s plant fertile ground in THIS Garden of Life we have been blessed to dwell ‘within’ and to care & nurture.


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