Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

what no ‘eye’ ever beheld.
A vast sea of darkness~~~
Moving, making way,
swirling like a
concoction whirled in
a blender set on
Still, invisible.

it was the dark
that made A WAY
for the light…
It split itself so
a brilliant
‘glow’ could be
made manifest—
Its magnificence
would be as if a
void if not for the
sheer ‘blackness’
of being.

Why do we fear the
Afraid to go out in
the pavement’s sky…
Hot tar bedeckled
with painted stars
and the effervescent
a giant balloon
floating freely
lit by a constant
flame of darkness
holding its rising.

In the darkness—
If we sit even for
a moment, ‘we’ will
begin to see the
landscape before us.

With ‘new’ eyes
our pupils dilated—
perhaps we, too, will
also ‘see’ the
shadows within us
that we run from
‘blinded’ by the light
of the day.

Don’t be afraid of
the dark—
Go out and dance
‘in’ it—
This way you cannot
control your steps.
Trust the ground
beneath your footsteps~~~
Leap into the unknown.

Where you land—
does it really matter?
Perhaps, you’ll discover
the place you’ve always
been for a first time
and trust the ‘unseeing’

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