Drops of Color/ 4 Elements

Drops of Color
4 Elements

Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

In the center of these elements…Love.

A swirling Universal tapestry
begun before any eye ever bore witness.

Fire…unleashed itself in a cosmos
—timeless, always changing,
following a pattern designed,
revolving through seasons, changing the tide

It ripples
winds lift the lofty steeple
—the grandest cathedral not designed
by humankind.

baptism—the serenity of ocean depths,
flowing rivers, fluid streams and
ponds evaporating under a Sun
—dazzling a planet.

Earth…surrounded by a cascading
starry array
—a painted milky way
—black holes whose depths
cannot be filled
and have never been explored.

Four elements, and at the center
a heart~~~Beating.


You can hear the Divine
breathing in all.

Listen…each breath lives in you!

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