Drops of Color/ A Million Feathers

Drops of Color
A Million Feathers

like strands of pearls
beside the shore.

Strung on rocks, dainty legs
balancing upon the water.

A million feathers
adorned by sea birds.

Casting bills
into the surf,
engulfing fresh morsels,
invisible delicacies,
snapped up in a blink of an eye.

The softness of feathers
spread wide
embracing the salt air.
Feathers, so dapper
so intricately woven
—offer warmth
—propel flight
—bring solace
as young sleep
beneath a wing’s cover.

A brood of chicks
knows the comfort of Home.

A million feathers
prepare to set off
for a not so distant place.

some will.
Others will migrate to lasting places.

Feathers left behind.
Traces of loved ones
never truly gone
fly with millions of feathers
not so far away.

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