Drops of Color/ Above the Mantel

Drops of Color
Above the mantel

The warmth of the
fire contained.

a sea
and the sun setting.

harbored after a long
day of bringing in a catch.

In the distance,
you can hear laughter,
folks dining on
what the waters have provided.

Can you see it in the painting?

Perhaps, one
 story drifting into 

Can you hear the sound of the gulls?

What are you hearing
as you ponder so many possibilities?

Above the mantel,
a painting.

Contemplate what the tide
in your Soul is embracing.

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  1. Ann Pawlik
    Ann Pawlik says:

    Oh, Sandy, this one really entices my senses. The painting has come to life in my head through your words. I imagine those vessels bobbing up and down as they are moored. I can hear the gulls crying out to each other or to those walking the docks imploring folks for food. That salty air reaches my nostrils; it’s good for what ails you. People are off in the distance at a little restaurant down the way with patio seating. I can smell the scent of an excellent fish dinner wishing I was one of those diners and laughing with them as they share funny stories. One of my favorite places to be is beside the sea. I don’t get there often enough. That painting calls me to come, rest awhile and be at peace.

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      Greetings Ann,
      Reading your words again and again…delighting in your expression of everything you’re taking in!!!
      I’m laughing with you ever mindful of ‘our’ gatherings by the sea…giggling with Soul Sisters…
      Praying you’re at peace and still! Much love


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