Drops of Color/ Dwellings

Drops of Color

Side by side, by side.

Bricks, mortar.
Stones, clay rooftops,
windows, shutters,
porches, balconies.


One and many.
All comprising this community
growing out of the sea
connecting every living neighborhood.

Countless stories written here.
Some lives, well, the chapters
ended as we understand how
some paragraphs close unfinished.

Others are writing sonnets
without recognizing the patterns
—they’re living the pages.

Many have just arrived
—no dust has settled on their covers.’

Uniquely different,
each ‘being’

in this dwelling place.

Thoughts, beliefs,
some shared, others explore signs
off a map 
while itinerant wanderers step
where no human prints dared trod.

We, you and I
—sharers in the wider
dwelling place of Gaia.

Received by all—
She, ‘Mother Earth’
welcomes us.

May we care for our common
dwelling place
and allow each story
to write itself home.

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