Drops of Color/ Edelweiss

Drops of Color

As soon as the word
spoken~~~ ‘Edelweiss,’
the song begins.

Each petal a note
alive on a suspending scale—
‘do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti do’
lifting the peaks of the mountains
folding back curtains so the
performance begun!

the morning greeting birthing
the white flowers lying atop beds of
green leaves

—so soft
—so clean
—so bright

They spread themselves like arms
ready to embrace
—so ‘happy’ to SEE thee.

This dainty pod
laced effortlessly
honor & glory
be given to its luminous design.

How simple it could be to pass it by.

Yet, might we carry its tune—Edelweiss

spreading it throughout the world

so the song be sung.

‘Bless the Earth our homeland’~~~forever.

Thankyou, Edelweiss~~~
may your blossoms become
a chorus that is never-ending.

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  1. Lisa Teubel
    Lisa Teubel says:

    Absolutely precious. The words gathered as One, and the exquisite photo and drawing. I am incredibly grateful and appreciative for what you share so freely of your being. The art and words seem to flow freely from your fingertips. I picture the words as a summer breeze blowing through your being, and you capture one and another and another as they flow endlessly on the surface wind. How do you do this? Such wonder and awe I feel. Thank you ❤️

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      My ‘fingertips’ pressed together in thanksgiving for your gentle, loving reply to Edelweiss!!!
      How do I do this you ask? I can ONLY say that it IS done through me! Blessings Pilgrim Sister


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