Drops of Color/ House of Stones

Drops of Color
House of Stones

One by one
they took turns telling

Sometimes, they rolled over
one another
—they ‘crumbled’ laughing aloud.

Holding in place,
they recalled the youngsters
rushing to the river
each one discovering
what they believed to
be a perfect fit.

The women folk created a mortar
while the men folk outlined
a foundation.

Together, they began laying the
first row, the second, the third

When the last row completed,
a thatched roof secured
the home.

From a distance, they looked on.

Joining hands, they admired their
collective accomplishment.

That night, tucked inside,
they set a fire and dined
around a table…each spoke
a blessing,
offered thanks.

They quieted themselves,
closing their eyes,
trusting the stars outside
were a blanket upon
their foundation.

The stones sang a lullaby.
Even today, if you listen
—they sing out.

Years of earthen ware

what a glorious home
where we dwell.



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