Drops of Color/ Masks

Drops of Color

I placed one mask
over the naked essence
of my expression
—it fit.

I took it off
and tried the other
—it fit.

Who was I
if both fit?
Either one so simple
to wear.

I have worked
a long time
to hide this me.
Perhaps, from no one more
than myself.

So, who am I?
Who are You?

The masks are me
and they are not me.
They are simple to keep on.
Complicated to take off.

They are a part
of me and
they are nowhere
near close to
whom I’m discovering
myself to be.

My life—
Your life…

Take the stage.
Live your part.

Be the side alive
—living life to the fullest
—bowing when the lights
shine solely upon you


Be the person that
—can weep
—can utter a cry when
the way is lost and forlorn.

It’s easy to wear a 

It’s even easier to take it off
and be you.

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  1. Ann Pawlik
    Ann Pawlik says:

    I have read and reread this a number of times. I love it because so many of us mask our true selves…we all do. To me that’s not living authentically…I know that there are times I must mask myself, to shield myself from people that have hurt me. I use it as a protection, a “band-aid” of sorts to protect my vulnerability. Do I want to experience that hurtful feeling again? No, I want to be authentic and share my true self with others. Stripping away a mask is hard if you’ve worn it a long time. As I continue to go through this whole “covid culture” I am literally wearing a mask to protect myself and others. I am not okay with how I am feeling throughout all of this…depressed, tired, sad, without purpose…and have put on a happy face (mask) which is not being true to myself or others, for that matter. In recent weeks I have begun to speak to others about how I am really feeling…and the honesty feels good. I am still vulnerable but not masking it. I am being ME.


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