Drops of Color/ Table for Two

Drops of Color
Table for Two

Reservations made…

The guests were moments away
adorned in ‘garments’ for
the occasion.

Napkins, silverware laced the table tops,
glasses longing for sweet juices
to swirl along their edges.

Chairs held the cobble stones in place.
Standing their ground, expectant
—longing to ‘hold’ the partakers
of the Feast.

The aroma of fresh breads seeped
beneath opened windows.
Drizzled through the streets
—the scents of savory meats
garnished in spices.

Platters of cheeses, multi-colored
vegetables, crisp crackers
—lingered just within the door’s entrance.

They arrived, but unbeknownst…
they’d been followed.
They were spotted because of their dress.
Those who saw, took notice, and ran to
their homes to put on ‘their’ garments.

Was this the time?  Had it arrived?
Would they be welcomed?

The couple arrived…they did not
take their seats.
He rang a bell and did not stop
…the sweet sound of its chime, a song
—all came.

Two lowly Souls, one without a shirt,
the other, no shoes on her feet
—stood at a distance.

The bell stopped…everyone paused.

The couple stepped out…she removed
her shoes
—it was a perfect fit for the woman.

The man removed his jacket
calling out,
‘put your right arm through this hole
—now the same with the left arm.’

They brought the couple to 
a table
—more chairs were brought out
—there was room ‘enough’
for everyone.

The food was lasting
but, no one took a bite,
until after the couple.

New shoes on her feet,
and a jacket that fit him
—they bowed their heads.

Everyone said,

The time…is now
and forever more.

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