Drops of Color/ The Night

Drops of Color
The Night

The night is over~~~

the colors have dimmed.

Shadows are dawning~~~
the sun soon shall appear.

Please, trust me when I say,
‘There is no need to fear
the darkness.
If you dare to dwell in
the unseen what appears invisible
begins to reveal itself anew.

Black & white become like
spectrums of color
piercing the unfamiliar
and creating things new.

Whoever has told you to fear
the night, perhaps you
might ask them what
exactly is it that causes them
to hide?

Blow out the candles,
click the light switch

and wait…

Your eyes~~~
they are beginning to see
what you thought was unclear.’

Oh, wondrous night.
You move like a river, your white caps,
are stars,
rolling across a galaxy
studded with darkness
—satin drops
pooling until day
finds its way.

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