Drops of Color/ Tides

Drops of ColorTides

The tide in…

My feet at the water’s edge.

A ‘rock’ picked me—
I cocked my arm


the rock airborne.

I heard the ‘plunge.’
The ‘rings’ it cast while 
making its way to the sea’s bottom
eventually splashed at my ankles.

Unaware of time,
I see the tide slowly recede,
and there I am 
standing in a barrage
of rocks…
some jagged, others smooth.
There were stones the size of boulders,
unmovable, unshackled.
Yet, the water
seemed to carry them with ease.

I bent low…’it’ was the 
stone I threw!

I picked it up, but then settled it back 
in its place.

In the moment,
I became the stone
carried in THIS life by infinite tides
coming in, going out.

Where I am presently…
is it my choice?

Only the tides will tell.

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  1. Ann Pawlik
    Ann Pawlik says:

    Dearest Sandy, this poem reminds me of many happy times I have spent near the water with you. It has also fed me, for it is at the shore, looking out at the vastness of the ocean, that I truly experience the Beloved. The sketch is wonderful. It reminds me of the shoreline I experienced at Cape Ann last April. Nothing short of amazing that the tide comes in and we see nothing but water, and when the tide goes out, all is exposed and we navigate the rocky shore ever so carefully. Kind of like our lives, especially now, as we navigate daily living with care and concern. Namaste, dear Sandy! Ann

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      My Dear Soul~Sister Ann,
      I, too, recall so many wonder-filled times beside the seashore (and sometime IN the sea) with YOU and several other beautiful sisters(some still among us and some, the stars gazing upon us). YOUR words express so well the experience of the BELOVED! YOU hold a gentle space in my heart…I whisper back to you a peace-filled…Namaste


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