Drops of Color/ Today

Drops of Color


Jump in…
Carry your umbrella…

Splash with delight
in the largest puddle you might find.

Go ankle deep,
knee deep if you’re daring.

Laugh out loud
for the sake of nothing.

Give thanks for simple moments.

If today your heart is filled with
shed the tears into the puddles
beneath your feet.

Immerse yourself in the flow
maybe, just maybe,
close your umbrella
and get soaked.


Jump in
and splash ‘someone’
with Love.

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  1. Ann Pawlik
    Ann Pawlik says:

    I really love this one, Sandy. The times in which we are living can certainly “paralyze” us with fear (of what we know and don’t know). You have encouraged the reader to step out of the fear and take a risk to appreciate today’s “living.” We’re all in this together. To that end, a local woman in the 518 area code (mine), challenged people to post rainbows of one’s own creation. When you drive around neighborhoods, rainbows are hanging in people’s windows, made by young ones and old ones and everyone in between.People are posting pics on
    Facebook of their rainbows. A pic from Great Britain today showed two young girls dressed in rainbow colors and they had chalked every brick on their house in the colors! Beautiful! It has spread so much so that the 518 Rainbow Group has over 100,000 members! It is a sign of hope and certainly unites us in these times. Your sketch of umbrellas reminded me that after the rain comes the rainbow!

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      Greetings My Friend,
      Thank you for adding such color to my world! Your message is what is radiating peace amidst so much unknown!
      “WE” are in this together…rainbows are forming even through the cascade of tears…
      Love IS splashing itself…in NEW, creative ways!
      Blessings of Abundance


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