Dust the House

Dust the House

It’s time to dust the house—
a thorough sweeping required…

The cob webs…
they’ve hung far too long—
even the spiders have disappeared.

The mats…
shake them~~~hang them from a branch
so the air can find hidden passages and
remove the clogged rubbish.

Open windows…
‘see’ what you have been missing—
the glass, so marred by debris has
clouded your sight.

Pull open the cupboards.
Your heart’s in there—
set the table with the dish wear that
has been unused…

The banquet is at hand—
invite all to this communion.

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  1. Valerie DeVries
    Valerie DeVries says:

    Very profound -I will have to take a good look inside of me today – not to mention the messy,cluttered house. We are hoping you and Alberta will be at the Divi this year!

  2. Cita Lamb
    Cita Lamb says:

    I like it. Thanks for getting my day off to good start. Yesterday I had 4 rugs washed and cleaned. One second hand rug I have used in 3 apartments,1 office space,well travelled for years. I’m still meditating on all those many shoes having touched that one rug in particular and what it means now that this rug is clean as a whistle, though well worn and damaged, in some ways, forever. Wonderful memories.


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