Each day…her Camino

Each day…her Camino

She rises—
darkness seeping
through the vertical blinds
draping the windows
in her room.

Her body
no longer moves
with the freedoms
it once knew—
her living ‘tent’
awkwardly accepts
the graces of her
shell inviting her
to awaken to
this day.

She grabs the sheets on her bed
lifting herself…
it’s a dance—
she, the orchestrator,
of every tender step.

She looks at a
wall in her room—
focusing on a pencil sketch of
the Christ she seeks
and then she whispers,
“give me just enough
for this day.”

She never asks
anything else for herself!

The methodical ballet takes place—
washing, dressing
yanking clothes from their
hangers because it is
the ONLY way she
can reach them.

She sets herself
for the trail ahead.
Her ‘pack’ carries her—
her slender arms
reach for the wheels
that move in a direction
she can still ‘control.’

Her mind may be fading
and this she knows…
so often she asks
forgiveness, “Please I’m not
thinking clearly today—
help me, will you?”

A tear slips from my eye
as she makes her way
trusting I’m behind.
I think of all the
days when no one is

to ‘see’ her courage—
to ‘hear’ her prayer—
to ‘touch’ her hand.

But…this is her Camino.
No one will write her
grocery list of kindnesses
she’ll share this day.

So many around her are unable to
‘do’ things on their own.
She’ll open the creams
for their coffee…she used
to push those in the wheel chairs
until she found herself
in one.

Her Camino in life
a daily adventure—
journeying to breakfast
lunch and dinner.

Her favorite path,
the “outdoors”—no matter the
She loves the sun on her
face, knowing
her sunset to be fading

and HOPES her Camino—
the one here, NOW, continues to touch
others with all her attempts of goodness.

This is her mind…
it’s her Camino
and her wheels are still
turning—her feet helping
to guide.

It is never about time…
it’s simply about each moment she has
As night sets,
she looks at the pencil sketch
once again…

She says ‘goodnight’ to her love
who has already made his way
through this world and
then she thanks the Christ
for what is her only treasure—

Her life ‘lived’ just for today.

6 replies
  1. Jan Hendron
    Jan Hendron says:

    How very beautiful. I can relate to the aging and losses of energy and vibrancy. It emphasizes and focuses on “Just For Today”. Thank you Sandi.

  2. Terry Pitt
    Terry Pitt says:

    Thank you again and again for your messages. This one on this day which we all will enjoy,
    get happy and stay there!

  3. susan
    susan says:

    My friend Lucille has spent the past 10 years in a home. She has so many things wrong with her plus, spends everyday in her wheelchair.
    We were talking yesterday about the 3 surgeries she has had in the past 2 weeks…

  4. Kate Alexander
    Kate Alexander says:

    Oh Sandy, if it’s even possible ,…your poetry and beautiful works of dancing words moving and gliding through the reader’s mind have the ability to expose the message on the forefront, and also invoke such deep meaning to your readers that I am often blown away and left somewhere a far distance from where I was when I began reading your works. Cudos, my friend! Keep being you and gracious enough to share yourself, wherever that vulnerable and sacred place may be! Love Always–Always Love, Kate Alexander


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