Each day

Each day

This day,
I rose in the darkness

—drops of rain pelted my window.

Pausing…yes, here I invite
you to be still upon rising…even NOW.

Let your eyes take in the hid-den
splendor…it is there in the darkness.

A storm surging outside the glass pane
…is there a storm brewing
restlessly inside me?  Inside you?

Let it reside
—don’t be quick to push it away
—there is beauty in everything!

In the not so distant distance
—a light house, a beacon
—a SILENT guide
(imagine it, hold it in your mind’s eye)

A messenger
—invite that unspoken presence to be with you.

Now breathe—
Breathe in —the waves rolling natural rhythms.
Breathe out—the crashing waves
pulling you to leave this undisturbed place.

Breathe in—the clarity of this moment.
Breathe out—all the tasks that need
to be met.

Welcome the Stillness
—No matter the turbulence
—the grief
—all the sentences that are incomplete.

Begin, in the darkness.
The Sun will rise
recognize EACH day.

You are the Sun.
Everyone of us shines
what lives inside.

Illuminate your very essence.
Be transformed by living wonder.

If we ‘all’ witnessed in each other
the gift we are…
we would never stop bowing offering thanks.

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